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11 Benefits of Running That We Think Make It Well Worth The Effort

Running is one of the most popular sports there is. From cross-country to track, to sprinting or long-distance endurance vibes. You can run solo or with friends. Maybe you’re even in a running club or you like to train for those monster ultra-marathons

You can pretty much run anywhere too! All terrains will accommodate willing legs, from trails and tracks, to beaches or roadsides and desserts or grassy forest routes.

Any which way you like to run there is something for you. Here’s our top 11 Benefits to donning your best sneakers and getting outside… (unless you love the inside feel of pounding a treadmill of course!)

Running could help you live a longer, healthier life. It can improve your heart health, thanks to that all-important dose of cardio activity – even 5-10 Minutes a day can lower the risk of death from heart disease. Investing in this sport can last you a lifetime too, so you can be boosting your health as long as you are willing!

Improve your mindset and clear your head. Running is an incredible form of meditation for some, a therapy almost, of being able to pound the pavement and thrash out any negative thoughts or reflections of the day. It can really just give any mental fog a good clearing.

You can literally go any time you feel compelled. Whenever the motivation finds you, or even suits your schedule. Are you a night owl or a super early riser and out running before dawn? Maybe you just like to nip out in a lunch break or enjoy the wind-down of a run after your day ends. It’s entirely up to you to indulge how you choose.

You might think running is just one foot put in front of the other, but once you are pulling in your first few miles, you’ll understand more just how much willpower it can take. It’s a whole mind, body & soul concept if you tune in enough. As you run, you will be working out those muscles, pushing through some pain sometimes even, and working out that mindset to push harder and farther and in turn working on that all-important willpower to succeed and then exceed and improve!

Running, as well as other physical activity causes the release of mood-lifting chemicals in your body that can help you feel more relaxed and deal with stress better. It can be a great way to clear your mind, release or uncover the source of stress and the be more equipped to deal with it. It’s a perfect opportunity to be alone with your thoughts, and has been used to effectively treat clinical depression.

Say What?! Yeah you heard us right…have you thought about what you could catch up on whilst running and be multitasking your way around your route? Just think how many audio books you could get through that you have been wanting to read this past year, and just never had time to get to. Get out your headphones and you’ll be amazed how the time passes by even faster too…two birds…one stone?

Moderate levels of exercise aid in the body’s circulation, which may, in turn, help your immune system by circulating antibodies and white blood cells. Running has also been linked to lower cancer rates. Recent studies have found that the cancer rate among people with high activity levels is significantly lower than those with less. It may still have a lot to do with genetics, but treat your body right, because a healthy body can trap and subdue malignant cells.

There are so many running connections globally. There are clubs, online support networks, apps, fundraising teams…any manner of ways to get connected to another avid running partner if you fancy a change from going it alone.

Adding running to your fitness regimen is a great way to work toward weight loss goals. You can be burning up to 100 calories per mile no matter the pace you run. Even two to three miles before or after a workout will make a huge difference, combined with a good clean diet of course.

If you find yourself highly-strung or suffering from anxiety more often than not, running can really help. Researchers have determined that high-intensity exercise can be part of an effective treatment intervention for lowering anxiety. Getting out in nature and having a good scenic run is a good boost in this vain.

You could be running away from something or towards something fantastic! You could be a beginner or a seasoned runner…it’s for anyone and everyone and it’s right outside your door. And if reasons 1-10 weren’t enough for you, just get outside and have some fun…and make sure you buy the shoes that make you feel you are Usain Bolt…you might not beat the 9.58 seconds but you can look great trying!