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7 Best Mountain Biking Destinations in the World

There’s something very special about combining your physical exercise and being outdoors. Sure you can hike, or run, but on a bike you can cover so much more ground and therefore see far more of the area you are in. Add into that the adrenaline rush of flying down flowing single track, or hitting a jump or two, and MTB takes some beating for the oudoor enthusiast.

The best mountain biking destinations offer stunning scenery and a wide range of trails to suit your needs. Here is our top 7 picks for the best places in the world to mountain bike.


Scotland is well-known for its scenic landscapes and is a Mountain Bikers paradise. Although you might get caught up in some rain, the mountain biking experience is certainly worth the risk. Prepare for lush green mountains, expansive forests, large lakes or lochs and small coastal islands.

Best spots:

Glentress (The Tweed Valley)
The Glentress trails are among the most popular in the UK, but don’t let this deter you, there are over 100 kilometres of tracks, plenty for everyone. They’re known for beautiful rolling hills and lush forests.

Fort William
The extensive Fort William trails lie where Scotland’s highest mountains meet the shores. You can expect a challenging, yet breath-taking, riding experience.


The French Alps are often overlooked by mountain bikers who are more concerned with the renowned Swiss Alps. However, the Alps of France can offer a delightful adventure at a slightly better price. You won’t regret mountain biking in the Alps during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Best spots:

Chamonix trails
Endless kilometres of fast-paced descents and varied terrain. The trails are a fun and but fairly advanced mountain biking experience.

Villard de Lans
Home of the 1987 Mountain Biking World Championship, the first one in history. The Villard de Lans trails are world class.


Peru is alive with history, culture, and magnificent biking trails. The mountainous nation has varied weather, unbelievable scenery, and mountains unlike any other in the world. Better yet, there are plenty of trails that have views of Machu Picchu, a renowned historical landmark of the Inca Empire. What more could you possibly need? It’s truly magnificent.

Best spots:

Inca trail to Machu Picchu (Andes Mountains)
Embark on one of the most exciting mountain biking journeys of your life. The most popular Inca trail spots are in Sunset Valley. It’s a wonderful chance to familiarize yourself with the natural wonders of Peru and potentially hike directly to Machu Picchu.

South Africa

There are few countries that offer such exhilarating and varied mountain biking trails in every region. In South Africa, you can enjoy the perks of flat coastal terrain or spend a few days biking along rivers in the indigenous woodlands. There are world class options for mountain bikers at every level.

Best spots:

Farleigh State Forest (The Garden Route)
The Garden Route is one of the most stunning regions in South Africa and the Farleigh State Forest is no exception. The gorgeous coastal routes are suitable for bikers at all levels and you’re sure to have a good time.

Drakensberg Mountains
A network of leisurely and technical trails that make mountain biking so much fun. The Drakensberg mountains are perfect for winter and summer expeditions.


Australia is the perfect country for all kinds of outdoor exploration and the mountain biking trails are exceptional. In most parts of the country, the terrain is relatively flat and dry. However, there’s still tons of gorgeous locations to hop onto your mountain bike and go for a ride.

Best spots:

Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra
If you’re interested in professionally built trails that allow for an effortless riding experience, you have to check out Stromlo Forest Park. There’s over 50km of well-maintained trails that run through lovely mountains and grasslands.

The Alpine Epic in Victoria
Spend a couple of hours tackling 40km of immaculate alpine tracks that climb over 1600m above sea-level. You’ll make your way through snow gum woodlands, granite valleys and ferny glades.


Mountain biking in the national parks of Canada is an experience that should be on your bucket list. They’re among the most beautiful and well-maintained parks in the world. It’s advisable to reserve mountain biking trips for the Canadian summer and enjoy rocky mountains, beautiful lakes and unforgettable forest adventures.

Best spots:

Jaspar National Park in Alberta
The Canadian Rockies are an undeniably perfect location for your next mountain biking adventure. Jaspar National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hub of all your favourite outdoor activities. Above all else, there’s a whopping 608kms of lovely biking trails!

Whistler, British Columbia
One of the most renowned mountain biking regions in Canada. It’s a snowy escape in the winter time and a mountain biker’s dream in the summer.


Are you up for something out of this world? Nepal is quite rightly regarded as one of the top destinations in the world for all sorts of adventurers. It boats a hugely diverse landscape, rushing rivers, far-reaching forests and 8 of the tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest.

Best spots:

The Annapurna Circuit
Consider this one a challenging all-day adventure through the Annapurna Himalaya Mountain Range. It’s 50kms of sheer beauty, but you have to take note of the high altitude and difficult trails for beginners.


Hopefully this list has helped you in picking a destination for your next Mountain Biking adventure…