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Polarised Versus Non Polarised For Running

When it comes to getting outside for your chance to pound the pavement or navigate your favourite trail, we’re pretty sure you know the value in investing in the right quality pair of sunglasses as you run. But how much do you know about your lens options and how to get the perfect lens for […]

5 inspirational running records

FIVE INSPIRATIONAL RUNNING RECORDS TO INSPIRE YOU People are capable of doing such incredible things (including you!) and it’s often when we take the time to hear stories of awe-inspiring feats achieved by others, that we enhance our own goal settings and push for our own greatness. Sure, we can look to the elite athletes […]

Top 5 Marathons In The World

If you’ve ever considered running in a marathon, the thought of where to start has probably crossed your mind. Whether you’re captivated by the idea of running through a scenic route or just want to experience the thrill of reaching the finish line. Perhaps these top 5 marathons will inspire you to put on your […]

11 Benefits of Running That We Think Make It Well Worth The Effort

Running is one of the most popular sports there is. From cross-country to track, to sprinting or long-distance endurance vibes. You can run solo or with friends. Maybe you’re even in a running club or you like to train for those monster ultra-marathons You can pretty much run anywhere too! All terrains will accommodate willing […]