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Polarised Versus Non Polarised For Running

When it comes to getting outside for your chance to pound the pavement or navigate your favourite trail, we’re pretty sure you know the value in investing in the right quality pair of sunglasses as you run. But how much do you know about your lens options and how to get the perfect lens for […]


If you’ve ever wondered…these are the world’s 7 toughest ultra runs…. As if a marathon wasn’t tough enough, recent years have seen runners looking for more ways to challenge their resolve, strength, athleticism and endurance, and so ultra running was born. These are 7 Ultra Races that are just off the charts and some of […]

7 Best Trail Runs In The World

From the snow-capped peaks of America’s Pacific Northwest to the fairy tale backdrop of the Slovenian town, Bled, this list of destinations are waiting for you to leave your footprint behind in some of the best trail runs around the globe. Running is in our blood, and running on trails is an ideal combination of […]