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Choosing a great pair of sunglasses for an adventurous or sporty lifestyle can be difficult, it is not only about the look, although that is important too.

When you’re active or playing sport you need to make sure your eyewear balances comfort, protection and aesthetics...

Read on for our top tips on choosing YOUR perfect pair.



When choosing a new pair of sunglasses, the number one consideration should be protection.Protection from the sun’s rays, protection from the elements and protection from any other externals, such as dust, insects, projectiles, branches etc.

Any quality pair of sunglasses should at least have:

-UV400 Protection: UV, or Ultra-Violet is harmful to your eyes, excessive exposure increases the likelihood of many eyesight problems and eye issues. UV400 is 99-100% of ultra violet light filtration. All 30 South lenses are UV400 – EVEN the clear ‘low light’ ones.

-Shatterproof lenses: Lenses that break or shatter on impact with something can be more dangerous to your eye that the initial force that broke them. All of 30 South’s lenses are ballistic grade shatterproof and built up by multiple layers of polycarbonate films to ensure they will never become a hazard to your eyes.



When choosing your next sunglasses, a good fit is essential.. They should feel as comfortable on your face as possible. At 30 South, we purposefully make our sunglasses extremely lightweight and flexible, so that they don’t irritate the wearer.

Some other considerations are:

– The wrap: Depending on your activity and your personal preference, you may want a pair of sunglasses that wraps tightly to your face and lets in minimal peripheral light: A good example of this would be watersports, where glare can enter from the bottom or the sides. 30 South WATERMAN are specially designed to wrap tightly, and be ultra comfortable for adventures on the water.

However you may want a pair of sunglasses that sits off your face a bit to increase air flow and stop any chance of misting as you push your limits.

– Adjustability: Adjustable nose pads can help keep your glasses snug and comfortable on your face.  The Trail RE have adjustable nose pads, and soft tips on the arms so that the sit in place, without causing any discomfort.

Scratch Proof

Scratching not only ruins the look, and potentially the usability of the sunglasses, but also compromises the protection of the lens against the suns rays

So choosing quality lenses that are scratch resistant is a must for those enjoying the great outdoors.

Lenses in sports eyewear usually are made of polycarbonate, since it is such an impact-resistant material.  It works well to protect eyes from fast-moving objects and also has built-in ultraviolet protection — which as we mentioned above, is a valuable feature for any outdoor sports.

Untreated polycarbonate lenses, however, can be easily scratched and so for this reason, virtually all polycarbonate lenses for sports eyewear include a scratch-resistant coating on both the front and back surface for added durability.  

Read more about lens technology on our product pages

Polarised Lenses

We’ve recently covered this topic in a number of blogs, but a short recap will remind you that polarised sunglasses will help to reduce the glare of the sun. 

These glasses provide incredible clarity and glare-free vision, which can be vital when your environment is bright and may have reflective properties; such as snow, water, shiny grass, and surfaces.

In Summary...

No matter your sport(s) of choice, sports glasses are now really a necessity to your kit and you may even choose to have an interchangeable selection to suit your activities and/or changing weather conditions.  Look for a pair that will provide you with the versatility and safety you need, alongside the comfort and fit, and you’ll be winning.

Quality glasses will provide you with the optimum performance and protection that you need, as well as offering you the exceptional visual properties and dynamic performance that you can come to expect.  

There’s a pair for every sport, and every individual, making sure you can still stay true to your personality and style at the same time – winning!

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