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GONE Fishing – Our Top 5 Deep Sea Fishing Locations

These are some of the top deep sea fishing destinations where the thrill of a Big Catch is surely unrivalled!

Sports fishing is both fun and exhilarating; it’s a great day out on the water and sets you up perfectly for an evening back at the bar, sharing your experiences – whether it be the size of your catch or the ambiguous size of the ‘one that got away!”

Take a look at our Top 5 destinations below:

Panama, Central America

Panama is literally named in part for “an abundance of fish”, and despite the country’s small stature, boasts a coastline of 1550 miles, that borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It simply had to make our list of the best places to visit for game fishing.

There are over 1000 offshore islands providing anglers an absolute haven of choice, with saltwater and freshwater opportunities to boot. It is prime location for sportfishing.

Massive schools of Yellow Fin Tuna migrate to the area and it’s common for anglers to weigh in fish over 100-200 pounds! They represent some of the most exciting battles to be had between man and fish. The Rooster Fish is one of the purest catch-and-release fish that you can find, and there is no doubt that it is a favourite amongst anglers, and then there is the blue marlin to test the skills of the toughest in the sport! Mahi, Wahoo, Dorado, Cubera Snapper, Bluefin Trevally, Large Sierra & Sail Fish are also frequenting these incredible waters.

There are excellent fishing resorts available and it’s a super friendly country for welcomed tourists. Our highlights would be to check out the Gulf of Chiriquí, on the Pacific Coast. As one of the world’s best locations for big game fishing and with many locations worldwide staking claim to being the Marlin fishing capital of the world, Piñas Bay has hosted over 300 IGFA world records being broken in the bay, more than any other location in the world!

Phuket, Thailand

As a fishing fanatic you won’t want to miss the sport fishing experienc in Phuket, now renowned as one of the best destinations out there for big game fishing. The Andaman sea shelters a wide range of fish species that will put up a fight from below the crystal clear blue waters, that can be fished year round, although July & October are favoured for being the best season.

You can expect to chase down great fighters such as; Marlin, Tuna, Queenfish, Giant Trevally, Sea Bass and enormous Carp, Catfish and Barbs, to name just some!

The two main areas in the seas around Phuket that are well known for fishing are the Racha Islands and the Continental Drop-Off. Held in November, the annual Phuket International Sportfishing Tournament takes place in the waters off Phuket

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico offers some of the best sports fishing experiences in the world, with thousands of people heading there to enjoy their passion for this popular sport. With over 6,00 miles (10,000 km) of coastline, water sports are one of Mexico’s best experiences and there are a handful of locations that are absolutely world class.

Mexico’s deep sea fishing is known and revered the world over by experienced fishermen who come here regularly to take part. But deep sea fishing is just one type of sports fishing you can enjoy, surf fishing and fly fishing are viable alternatives to the boats. Casting your line from the beach to see what you can catch is especially popular early in the mornings. There are many world class locations to be discovered in Mexico…and the tequila is always good, but does it mix with the early mornings?!

Cairns, Australia

The offshore bucket list destination is over in Cairns. Great weather and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, makes this hot spot super popular, especially for heavy tackle season! This is like the spring break destination for the iconic Black Marlin, and big game anglers arrive from all over the globe to fish for giants that are well over 1000 pounds, and caught here every year. You’ll overhear many a tale at the bar of a big fight out on the water…you’ll just have to let us know who won!

Watamu, Kenya

From October to April, the Kenyan coastal waters host some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. You could be reeling in a mighty marlin, sailfish or kingfish and then do it all again the next day for a catch of giant tuna, dorado, wahoo or the feisty barracuda.

Idyllic beaches form the 480km coastline and it boasts an abundance of fish life, including the huge predators, like massive tiger sharks, kingfish and wahoo. Seems it’s not just their land mammals that have such ferocity! The waters are pristine and also home to elusive billfish – the nocturnal broadbill swordfish.

The coastline can be fished throughout the year, but there are two distinctive seasons for the sport of Yellowfin Tuna fishing, Aug-Oct, and Marlin Season from Dec-mid March. The Kenyan coast really does seem to have it all!


Have you a favourite destination or one on the bucket list we should know about?