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Honoring Guardians of the Wild: NCC’s Urban Baboon Programme

In October 2020, NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd (NCC) embarked on a mission critical to the harmony of Kommetjie’s unique ecosystem: the City of Cape Town’s Urban Baboon Programme (UBP). Since its inception, NCC has been a steadfast protector of both the residents of Kommetjie and its indigenous baboon population, ensuring a delicate balance between human habitation and wildlife preservation.

One of the Adult Males on the Slangkop Mountains. Photo taken by Kommetjie resident

Navigating the Baboon Challenge

Baboons, hailed for their adaptability and intelligence, pose a distinctive challenge in the Western Cape, adeptly traversing the boundary between urban developments and natural habitats. The Slangkop troop, nestled amidst the rugged terrain above Kommetjie, epitomizes this coexistence, embodying the intricate dance between civilization and wilderness.

The Slangkop Troop: A Portrait

The Chacma Baboon Troop, affectionately known as the Slangkop Troop, roams the untamed expanses above Capri, Ou De Weg, Ocean View, and Kommetjie, including their residential areas. Their presence is a testament to the symbiosis between human progress and environmental preservation. Papio ursinus, the species indigenous to the region, holds a cherished place in the cultural tapestry of Kommetjie, underscoring the significance of their protection.

NCC's Diligent Guardians

With a team comprising five vigilant rangers, a dedicated supervisor, and an astute field manager, NCC stands as the stalwart guardians of the Slangkop troop, their unwavering commitment ensuring the safety and well-being of both baboons and residents alike. From the break of dawn until the twilight hours, NCC’s watchful eyes oversee the movements of the troop, preempting potential conflicts and fostering a sense of mutual respect between humans and wildlife.

Fostering Coexistence

Through proactive monitoring and community engagement initiatives, NCC endeavors to cultivate a harmonious relationship between humans and baboons, nurturing a shared understanding of the interconnectedness of our ecosystems. By fostering empathy and awareness, NCC strives to mitigate conflicts and promote a culture of coexistence within the community, ensuring the preservation of Kommetjie’s natural heritage for generations to come.

Baboons in Kommetjie. Photo creds: Pauline Suddards

Expressing Gratitude

As proud residents of Kommetjie, we extend our deepest appreciation to NCC for their unwavering dedication to safeguarding our community and its precious wildlife. In recognition of their tireless efforts, we offer a token of gratitude – sunglasses, not only as a practical tool under the African sun but also as a symbol of our enduring appreciation for their commitment to our shared environment.

Baboon Monitors recieving their 30 South Sunglasses

Conclusion: Towards Sustainable Harmony

In celebrating NCC’s tireless commitment to wildlife conservation and community welfare, we stand united in support of their noble mission, forging a path towards sustainable harmony between humans and wildlife. Let us continue to champion the preservation of our natural heritage, fostering a legacy of coexistence and conservation for generations to come.