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Invicta Wildlife Fund

Our Collaboration with Invicta

At 30 South Eyewear, we are proud to join forces with Invicta Wildlife Fund in their mission to protect wildlife and the environment. As part of our commitment, we allocate all proceeds from the sales of our Wildlife pouches to the conservation efforts of Invicta Wildlife Fund this money goes directly towards their initiatives, helping to fund crucial projects aimed at safeguarding wildlife and preserving their natural habitats

Invicta Wildlife Fund

Invicta Wildlife Fund is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to saving wildlife and protecting the natural world. They work alongside established charities in Africa, providing funding for their efforts and educating local communities. With a strong focus on wildlife preservation, Invicta is making a significant impact on endangered species and fragile ecosystems.

Fundraising Projects

One of Invicta’s fundraising projects is Africa Wildlife Art (AWA), an online art gallery featuring over 100 artists from around the world. AWA showcases original wildlife art, with 50 percent of the proceeds from artwork sales donated to wildlife conservation. 

Invicta organizes virtual events throughout the year, including virtual races that allow participants worldwide to take part.  The proceeds from these events are 100 percent dedicated to conservation. 

Collaborating with artist Alicia Hayden, Invicta is currently working on creating children’s books focused on endangered species, aiming to educate and inspire young minds to protect wildlife.

 In the pipeline, Invicta plans to organize a vulture awareness and fundraising hike in the scenic Drakensberg mountains, promoting awareness and raising funds for vulture conservation.

Partnerships and Funding

Invicta has formed impactful partnerships with organisations dedicated to wildlife conservation. Through collaborations with Wildlife ACT (South Africa), Project Vulture (South Africa), Tsavo Trust (Kenya), and Local Ocean Conservation (Kenya), Invicta actively supports and aims to fund their vital conservation projects.  

Invicta recently donated R200,000.00 to Project Vulture for the Southern Drakensberg Vulture Project. These funds support the protection of critically endangered vulture species, including the construction of a hide and the employment of conservationists to safeguard these vital birds.

Invicta also supports the KZN Leopard Project, a Wildlife ACT initiative focused on leopard conservation in KwaZulu-Natal. By funding this project, they play a crucial role in ensuring the survival of these majestic big cats and their habitats.

Furthermore, Invicta contributes to Wildlife ACT’s Community Conservation Programme, which educates rural communities about the importance of conservation. By spreading awareness and empowering local communities, they help foster a culture of environmental stewardship vital for the long-term conservation of Africa’s wildlife.

Invicta extends its support beyond South Africa, funding projects in Kenya such as turtle conservation and the preservation of Tsavo National Park’s iconic super tuskers. By investing in these initiatives, Invicta actively contributes to protecting endangered species and their habitats in East Africa.

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By supporting Invicta Wildlife Fund, individuals become valuable allies in the mission to protect wildlife and preserve our natural heritage. Together, we can make a lasting impact and secure a sustainable future for our planet’s extraordinary wildlife.