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Wildlife Pouch – Rhino


Limited Edition, Rhino Conservation Pouch. 100% Of proceeds go to Rhino conservation.

Pouches made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Rhino Conservation Limited edition sunglasses pouch

Product Details

Limited Edition Rhino Conservation Pouch

The Rhino Poaching Crises

Arguably the best known and most talked about animal conservation issue in the world, unfortunately the demand for Rhino horn still exists. With the largest population of Rhino in the world, South Africa is at the forefront of the war on poaching. 75 Rhino were killed in the province of KwaZulu Natal in just the first 5 months of 2022.

100% of proceeds from the limited edition Pouches go to conservation efforts on the ground, such as  Project Rhino by wildlife act.

Project Rhino KZN

Our conservation partner Wildlife ACT is a founding member of Project Rhino KZ: A coalition of like-minded organizations facilitates rhino conservation interventions, with the ultimate goal of eliminating rhino poaching in the province.

Artwork hand painted by South African Artist, Lauren Carter. Check her work out HERE

Interesting Rhino Facts

  • Rhino are the second largest land mammal after the elephant and live anywhere from 40 to 50 years.
  • The name rhinoceros means ‘nose horn’ (often shortened to rhino).
  • A group of rhinoceros is called a ‘herd’ or a ‘crash’.
  • There are 5 different rhino species, 3 native to southern Asia and 2 native to Africa. Three of these species are critically endangered.
  • Rhinoceros horns are made from  keratin, the same substance that fingernails and hair are made of.
  • Rhinos have been around for over 50 million years. The Sumatran rhino is the closest living relative of the ancient (extinct) woolly rhino.
  • Rhinos use middens (piles of dung) to communicate. Each rhino’s smell is unique and identifies its owner as well as age and sex. Rhino middens are also used to mark territory.

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