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Wildlife Pouch – Wild Dogs


Limited Edition, Wild Dog Conservation Pouch. 100% Of proceeds go to wild dog conservation.

Pouches made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Wild Dog Conservation Sunglasses Pouch

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Limited Edition Wild Dog Conservation Pouch

African Wild Dogs (also known as Painted Dogs or Painted Wolves) are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa. There are fewer than 6,600 wild individuals and only 39 distinct sub-populations left in Africa. African wild dogs need massive areas to support themselves and for populations to be genetically diverse and sustainable. Human development and the subsequent shrinking of wilderness areas have placed this species under immense pressure.

100% Of proceeds from the Wild Dog Conservation Pouches go to conservation efforts on the ground, such as the wild dog project by wildlife act.

They intensively monitor several populations of African Wild Dogs, 365 days a year. The ultimate goal is to reintroduce more populations successfully back into their historical ranges and ensure the protection of the species into the future.

Artwork hand painted by South African Artist, Lauren Carter. Check her work out HERE

Interesting Wild Dog Facts

  • Its scientific name means Painted Wolf. Common names include African Wild Dog and African Hunting Dog.
  • Packs of Wild Dog have an alpha male and alpha female. The alpha pair is generally the only pair that breeds, but the entire pack shares responsibility for protecting the pups, with both males and females babysitting the young.
  • The alpha female can give birth to litters of 15 puppies or more.
  • Wild Dogs have incredible endurance – being able to run at roughly 48km/h for 5km
  • African Wild Dogs have one of the highest hunting success rates of any carnivore species, reaching a success rate where up to 85% of hunts end in a kill.
  • Wild Dog prey can weigh anywhere from 2x to 10x more than their own body weight.
  • African Wild Dogs primarily prey on large mammals such as Warthogs and numerous antelope species (especially Nyala), supplementing their diet with rodents, lizards, birds and insects.
  • Unlike other dogs, African Wild Dogs have four toes instead of five.


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